Henri Cartier - Bresson: "Eye of the Century" (part 2)

"While magazines can guarantee photographs a wide distribution, there are always strings attached, and books can not provide all the space the artist requires. With a personal show on the other hand, the artist is a free agent and he can make his own decisions. Henri Cartier-Bresson always takes great care with his exhibitions, and often it is while organizing a show that he makes crucial judgements about his work."

Extracts from the text written by Philippe Arbaizar, L’oeuvre exposée, in De qui s'agit-il, published by Gallimard / BnF.

Henri Cartier-Bresson’s exhibitions are widely presented throughout the world. Magnum Photos is responsible for their circulation in collaboration with the Foundation.

LIST OF THE AVAILABLE EXHIBITIONS : (continue reading HCB exhibitions)

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