Victor Keppler. Best known for his commercial photography.

Victor Keppler (1904-1987) was born in New York City on September 30th. He is best known for his commercial photography, which won him numerous awards throughout his career. He worked for several major advertisers, such as General Electric, Corning Glass, and DuPont. He also had photographs and cover art published in the Saturday Evening Post, Ladies' Home Journal, Better Homes and Gardens, and Cosmopolitan, among others. In 1961, he founded the Famous Photographers School in Westport, CT, where he became the director and president until his retirement in 1972. Keppler's artistry was recognized in many awards: Harvard Award (1944), Photographers Hall of Fame Award (1970), and five Gold Medal Awards from the Art Directors Club. Keppler also authored four books, the two most well known being The Eighth Art: A Life of Color Photography (1938), and Victor Keppler: Man and Camera: A Photographic Autobiography (1970).
Keppler was a pioneer in the world of commercial advertising, and made a name for himself as one of the foremost artists in color advertising photography. Using the carbro color process, he mastered techniques drawn from the latest trends in other visual art mediums to make images that were fresh and modern.
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