Classic Humorous Photos from America's Favorite magazine

For many years, America's favorite magazine signed off with an amusing -- often outrageous -- photograph designed to leave the reader laughing. LIFE Laughs Last collects more than 200 of these hilarious photographs -- every one guaranteed to warm your heart and tickle your funny bone.
Continuing in the zany, whimsical tradition of the best-selling LIFE Smiles Back, here is more from LIFE's lighter side: people and pets by the score, caught by the camera in surprising, side-splitting poses. These rib-tickling photographs were submitted over the years by LIFE's loyal readers, and are assembled here by one of LIFE's most renowned editors.


  1. what an awesome collection! thanks for the laughs and sharing.

  2. Anonymous2:26 AM


  3. Hi from Russia :)
    Great photo's!!! Thank you very much for the positive))

  4. Anonymous3:49 AM

    so amusing!

  5. Mehanik4:42 AM

    -Bravo! Настоящее искусство, похоже, осталось в этих чёрно-белых фотографиях, где надо было поймать момент, а потом ещё и сохранить его в тёмной комнате с красным фонарём и колдовством в кюветах с проявителем и фиксажем...

  6. i was kinda dissapointed to reach the bottom. thanks a million. i had fun.