Václav Chochola: "Every picture may show more than I want to say.."

Self-Portrait, 1942
Václav Chochola - biographical data

1923 Born on 30th January in Libeň in Prague.
1934 Studies at Grammar School in Libeň in Prague.
1939 An active sportsman and starts taking photographs of athletic competitions with a 6x9 cm Voigtlander camera, starts to publish in the daily press.
1940 Buys a Zeis Ikon 6x6cm camera, prepares the photographs in the Friends of Amateur Photography Club.
1941 Abandons his studies at Grammar School and starts a photographic appren ticeship in O. Erbana's studio in Letné in Prague, at the same time attends photographic classes in Smíchov in Prague, publishes photographs in the daily press, apart from sport gradually starts to be involved in theatrical pho tography and cultural life.
1942 Gets to know and starts to work with the photographers Karl Ludwig and Zdeněk Tmej.
1943 First studio in the centre of Prague at 20 Soukenická Street. External photog rapher at the National Theatre, Vinohrady Theatre, Uranie, Meantime and Intimate Theatre Větrník and other theatres outside Prague as well. Member of the Mánes Club of the Friends of the Arts. 

“Night Walker is really Václav Chochola’s symbol, his self-portrait standing in the night city. He put his camera on a tripod and left quite a long exposure and he stood near this street lamp. Eventually he went back and closed the shutter. The result was that his body was like a dream only.”