Eve Arnold, ( April 21, 1912 – January 4, 2012) was an American photojournalist

Eve Arnold dies aged 99

Eve Arnold, one of the most distinctive and admired photographers of the 20th century, equally renowned for portraits, fashion and photojournalism, and her long working relationship with Marilyn Monroe, has died aged 99, just short of her 100th birthday in April.

Her agency Magnum – where she became the first woman member in 1957 – announced her death "with great sadness", adding that she "passed away peacefully" on Wednesday.

Magnum's co-founder, the late Robert Capa, once described her work as falling "between Marlene Dietrich's legs and the bitter lives of potato pickers".

Arnold was born in Philadelphia in 1912 but had made London her home since the early 1960s, living for decades in a fourth floor apartment in Mayfair. In later years, she moved to a nursing home and, although too weak to hold a camera any longer, she worked on books of her photographs and exhibitions of her work right up to last year when some previously unpublished images of Monroe were released.

Tributes poured in from her peers, academics, and curators of her work. Jane Bown, another renowned photographer, called her "truly great, far greater than me – and much braver. She went into some really wild places, and often went back many years later, whereas I never really wanted to work more than 10 minutes from London."

"When I went to her flat, I told her I loathed photographing other photographers – but she could not have been kinder or made it easier for me."

In a statement Magnum said: "She will perhaps be best remembered for her exceptional photographs of people; the famous, politicians, musicians, artists and the unknown. Her intimate, sensitive and compassionate 10-year collaboration with Marilyn Monroe has cemented her as one of the most iconic portrait photographers of our time, but it is the long term reportage stories that drove Arnold's curiosity and passion."