Fred Boissonnas. Small photographic collection, Greece 1900s -30s.

The Swiss Fred Boissonnas is the systematic photographer of the Greek cultural and natural landscape, the “Greek” photographer of the early 20th century. His work, the artistic and substantial value of which marked the history of photography, constitutes the best possible advertisement of the people, the nature and the monument of Greece during that era.

The photographic collection includes:
3.467 glass plates
1.079 gelatins
11.732 print outs
241 transparencies
142 sun engravings
139 photo engravings
375 books
Letters by Eleftherios Venizelos
Copy of the contract signed with the Greek Government (27.3.1919)
Detailed diary of the photo shootings
Correspondence of the photographer with his family

The Fred Boissonnas collection belongs to the Hellenic Culture Organization and it is located, based on a relevant agreement, at the Photography Museum of Thessaloniki.

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