Photographs of pre-revolution China, 1870-1946

Photographs of pre-revolution China, 1870-1946. Here is an amazing collection of vintage photographs taken in pre-revolution China, taken in Pre Deng XiaoPing period (1870-1946).

clip_image002Chinese Family [c1875] Attribution Unk

Greatwall China [1907] Herbert G. Ponting

Group Of Chinese Women With Fans, Canton, China [c1880] Afong Lai

clip_image007Boxer Prisoners Captured By 6th US Cavalry, Tientsin, China [1901] Underwood & Co

clip_image008Beggars, Beihai Park [c1917-1919] Sydney D. Gamble

clip_image010Cholon Actress, Cholon, Saigon, French Cochinchina [c1900's] Attribution Unk

clip_image012Qing Court Return, The Emperess Dowerger [1902] George E. Morrison

clip_image014China, Manchu Ladies Of The Palace Being Warned To Stop Smoking [c1910-1925] Frank & Frances Carpenter

clip_image015Interior Canal, Canton, China [c1917-1919] Sidney D. Gamble

clip_image017Pekin, Walls Of The Tartar City [c1894-1896] William H. Jackson

clip_image019Muslim Bandits, Xinjiang, China [c1915] Marc Aurel Stein

clip_image021Peking To Paris Autorace [1907] Attribution Unk

clip_image023Bride On Her Way To Wedding, Fuzhou Fujian China [c1911-1913] Ralph G. Gold

clip_image025Bomb Protection [c1940] Attribution Unk

clip_image027Mouth Of Coal Mine In Mountain Ridge West Of Ta Chu, China MAR [1909] Thomas C. Chamberlin

clip_image029Bridges By Which The Night Police Of The Roofs Cross The Streets, Canton, China [1900] Underwood & Co.

clip_image031Chang The Chinese Giant [c1870] Attribution Unk

clip_image033Chinese Punishment, Whipping A Lawbreaker [c1900] Attribution Unk

clip_image035Peking Mission School Children At Play, The Dragon's Head, China [1902] Carlton H. Graves Co

clip_image037Foot Bound Girls, Liao Chow, Shansi, China [c1930] IE Oberholtzer (Probable)

clip_image039During The Famine Young Child Dying In The Gutter, China [1946] Geroge Silk

clip_image041Taiwan Aborigines, Bunun Tribe, Formosa [c1900] Attribution Unk

clip_image043Empress Gobele Wan Rong [c1920-1940] Attribution Unk

clip_image045Toy Vendor, Chinatown, San Francisco [c1900s] Arnold Genthe

clip_image047Example Of A Coiffure On A Tartar Or Manchu Female, Frontview, Peking, Pechili Province, China [1869] John Thomson

clip_image049The Meridian Gate, Entrance To The Forbidden City, Peking China [1927] Herbert C. White

clip_image051Black, Chinese  Frances Carpenter

clip_image053Ulysses S. Grant & Li Hung Chang, Tientsin, China [1879] Attribution Unk

clip_image055Jade Belt Bridge & Boat, Summer Palace, Peking, China [c1924] Sidney D. Gamble

clip_image057Men Laden With Tea, Sichuan Sheng, China [1908] Ernest H. Wilson

clip_image059Imperial Gate Of The Imperial City, Looking North, Peking, China [1901] Hawley C. White Co.

clip_image061Family In Lanchow, China [1944] Fr. Mark Tennien

clip_image063Kampa Dzong, Tibet [1904] John C. White

clip_image065Forest Temple Near Chefoo, Shantung, China [c1895] William H. Jackson

clip_image067Singing Girls, Hong Kong, China [c1901] Benjamin W. Kilburn Co.

clip_image069A Boat On A River With Rolling Hills In The Background In The Kiangsu Province Or Yunnan Province In China [1946] Arthur Rothstein

clip_image071Chinese Aviatrix Receives Gift Of New Plane From Colonel Roscoe Turner, Washington, D.C. [1939] Harris & Ewing

clip_image073Natives At Breakfast, Movable Chow Shop, Canton, China [c1919] Keystone View Co.

clip_image075Rich Merchants Dining With Singing Girls, Pekin, China [c1901] Benjamin W. Kilburn

clip_image077A Chinese Professor, China [c1919] Keystone View Co.

clip_image079Six Strongmen In Traditional Dress, China [1909] William Purdom

clip_image081Cake Of Millet & Jujubes, Peking, China [1915] Frank N. Meyer

clip_image083The Harvard Houseboat, Kiating Fu, China [1908] Ernest H. Wilson

clip_image085Stele Pavilion, SacredWay, Ming Tombs, Peking, China [c1900] Attribution Unk

clip_image087Mercenary Artillerymen Supplied With Guns & Ammunition By The British [c1880] Attribution Unk

clip_image089Canton, China [c1880] R.H. Brown

clip_image091Flower Boats, Canton China [c1871] Emil Rusfeldt

clip_image093View Of An Old Village, Kowloon Peninsula, Hong Kong [c1946] Hedda Morrison

clip_image095Kidnapped Girls, Foochow, China [1904] Attribution Unk

clip_image097Yung Ting Men, Front View Of The Two Towers & The Barbican [1924] Osvald Siren

clip_image099Jeunes Filles Chinoises [c1901] René Parison

clip_image101Tibetan Lhacham, Tibet [c1879] Sarat Chandra Das

clip_image103Bowl Shaped Objects Scattered Outside A Building, Yunnan, China [1922] Joseph F. C. Rock

clip_image105Ching Yang Temple, Chentu, China [1908] Ernest H. Wilson

clip_image107Leuchtturm Im Cantonfluss [c1891] C. R. Hager

clip_image109Fisherman In Grand Canal By The East Gate, Peking, China [1907] Herbert C. White Co.

clip_image111Queen's Road On Chinese New Years Day, Hong Kong, China [1902] Carlton H. Graves

clip_image113China,  Kuan Hsien Temple [1908] Ernest H. Wilson

clip_image115Drache Am Schleusenrand Im Túngchou-Kanal, Peking, Chihli Province [c1906] Ernst Boerschmann

clip_image117Examination Hall With 7500 Cells, Canton, China [1873] Attribution Unk

clip_image119Der Industriebezirk Der Salzbrunnen, Tzeliutsing, Szechúan Province [c1906] Ernst Boerschmann

clip_image121Auf Der Reise Zum Kloster Des Himmelsknaben Bei Ningpo, Ningpo-Tíen Túng Sze, Chekiang Province [c1906] Ernst Boerschmann

clip_image123Der Abt Des Klosters, Tíen túng sze, Chekiang Province [c1906] Ernst Boerschmann

clip_image125Young Mother Carrying A Child On Her Back In The Market, Hong Kong Island [c1946] Hedda Morrison

clip_image127Produce & Wares From Shops Along The Sides Of A Typical Backstreet, Western District, Hong Kong Island [c1946] Hedda Morrison

clip_image129Seated Man Amid Baskets Of Fish & Hanging Dried Fish, Eastern Districts, Hong Kong Island [c1946] Hedda Morrison

clip_image131Produce & Wares From Shops Along The Sides Of A Typical Backstreet, Western District, Hong Kong Island [c1946] Hedda Morrison

clip_image133House Interior Showing Woman With Bound Feet Tending A Stove In The Lost Tribe Country [1936] Hedda Morrison

clip_image135House Interior Showing A Woman At A Brick Stove, A Bucket & A Ladle Made From A Gourd In The Lost Tribe Country [1936] Hedda Morrison

clip_image137Fisher Families With Junks In Aberdeen Harbor, Hong Kong Island [c1946] Hedda Morrison

clip_image139Men With Leopard At The Dongan Mission, China [1932] Fr. Otto Rauschenbach

clip_image141China's Common Carrier, Her Substitute For Railways, A Camel Square In Peking, China [1901] Underwood & Co

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